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District 15: Dodge County, Valley and Waterloo

A Proven Leader

  • Former Dodge County Republican Party Chair (14 Years) 

  • Fremont business owner

  • 5th generation farm family 

  • Nebraska Delegate to three national GOP conventions

  • Served on Nebraska Judicial Nominating & Review Committees

  • Fremont Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors & Diplomat

Roxie will work for you to:

  • Lower taxes and limit spending

  • Promote Nebraska for business growth

  • Protect Nebraska farmers – and their land

  • Safeguard our families and children

  • Advocate for pro-life policies

Endorsed by:

pete ricketts.jpeg

U.S. Senator

Pete Ricketts

mike flood.jpeg

U.S. Congressman

Mike Flood

joey spellerberg_edited.jpg

Fremont Mayor

Joey Spellerberg

dave heineman.jpeg

Former Nebraska Governor Dave Heineman

farm bureau.png

Nebraska Farm


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